Company Overview

CorpGenie provides high potential growth solutions for businesses and professionals. In today’s world, digital marketing is much effective over traditional marketing method to promote and market any product and services. CorpGenie solutions provide everything you need to get your businesses branded and promoted digitally, fast and effective.

Why CorpGenie?

The one and only, easy to use, innovative and reliable marketing and branding tool provide:

  • Effective branding and promotional solutions for business, products and services.
  • Brings wide range of solutions under one umbrella, which is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • User friendly interface that anyone can easily work with no prior experience or technical knowledge
  • Quick and efficient for dynamic and interactive projects and saves precious time of users
  • Easily customizable, but cost effective solutions for a wide range of businesses and professionals
  • Reach out the target audience via websites, search engines and social medias in a click
  • Provides solutions that work both online and offline
  • Share outputs on mobile devices ,Tablets ,desktops or laptops
  • Supporting multi-languages feeds global needs
  • Online tracking tools to track your audience and to manage effective demographic marketing
  • Secure your important creations and control who can access it
  • The ultimate platform to manage your creations efficiently and effectively
  • Custom solutions on demand
  • No Software, No Hardware, No Downloads

Who needs CorpGenie?

CorpGenie solutions are for everyone who needs Internet, Search Engine, Social media and other types of online or offline digital advertising, demonstrations and presentations by seeking quicker and faster results that includes:

  • Marketing and Sales Professionals of various industries
  • Corporate, Businesses and Government authorities
  • Medical and Health care professionals
  • Educational Institutions and Students

CorpGenie Solutions for business growth

CorpGenie is a single source, high-potential growth solution provider for your businesses, which includes, but not limited to:

  • Sales & Marketing Presentations and Slideshows
  • Product Demos and Interactive Catalogs
  • Tradeshow Displays and Digital Signage's
  • E-Courses, Educational and Training Slides
  • Online Banner Ads & Website Animations
  • Online, Unicast and Contextual Ads
  • Flash Resumes & Digital Portfolios
  • Instant Websites, Interactive Webpage Headers & Flash Intros

Our Team

Joe Koottappilly

President & CEO

Cletus Jacob

Overseas Marketing Director

Anil Mathew

Chief Product Officer

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