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You might have a great product, service or any kind of business. But unless you promote, brand or market it, you never get the expected result. CorpGenie is one of a kind, revolutionary new generation tool designed to help you make great, effective and reliable digital presentations for all your professional, educational and business needs. CorpGenie provides a single source, high-potential growth solutions for all your digital marketing and branding purpose. CorpGenie helps you to make, but not limited to:

  • Sales & Marketing Presentations and Slideshows
  • Product Demos and Interactive Catalogs
  • Tradeshow Displays and Digital Signage's
  • E-Courses, Educational and Training Slides
  • Online Banner Ads & Website Animations
  • Online, Unicast and Contextual Ads
  • Flash Resumes & Digital Portfolios
  • Instant Websites, Interactive Webpage Headers & Flash Intros

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Make Your Creations Online

Make your mind-blowing creations with the full-fledged, user friendly professional design tool from CorpGenie. Enhance it with texts, pictures, shapes, audios, HD videos as well as external flash creations.

CorpGenie let you and your employees work from anywhere. There is no need to download or install any software. No worry about any maintenance or software updating. CorpGenie provide all updates at no cost. With CorpGenie online application the platform does not matter. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet.

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Access Anywhere

Make mind-blowing creations and share it with anyone at anytime, anywhere. Whether it is online, offline or mobile, your creations are available to your target audience 24 X 7, year around.

Corpgenie is always with you and your audience across operating systems, devices and media's.

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CorpGenie for Team Environment

CorpGenie is well suited for team environments. You can accomplish this by defining projects, assigning members to projects, and allow or deny specific permissions to each member. Make presentations and easily share across the organization or within specific members. Apart from performing these tasks, there are options to specify the security settings for creations when displaying and sharing.

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Easy Sharing

CorpGenie makes sharing of your creations fast and easy. Any creation can be shared on websites, search engines, social media or blogs in few simple clicks. Just publish your creation URL and share it. There is no platform or version compatibility issues you need to worry about. You also can embed your creations in a webpage or blog. Need offline presentations? You could download your creations at CorpGenie for viewing in your desktop, laptop or mobile devices, which can also share with anyone via email or other method of your interest. Simpler and easier than ever!

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Multi-Lingual Support

Make your creations in a variety of languages to meet your global marketing needs. In today’s business world, you are not only promoting your business among English speaking customers, but have to promote to the international, non English speaking audience. CorpGenie’s Multilingual capability help you to reach out to the wider global audience and thus to expand your client base.

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Secure your creations

Some of your presentations are confidential and are integral part of your business. Those need to be accessed by the owner of the creation, a group or anyone in particular. CorpGenie provide options to protect your creations online and make sure you have complete control when they are distributed and accessed.

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No Software, No Installation, No Hardware, No Downloading

CorpGenie help you to make mind blowing creations without downloading and installing any software. No need to worry about any software updating or technological changes. CorpGenie provides latest technology solutions to meet you various digital marketing and promotional needs and any updates to the tool will be available to you at free of cost. Our amazing support team will be available to meet your needs.

platform independent presentations
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Track Your Visitors

CorpGenie help our members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful. CorpGenie tracking system let you measure the effectiveness of your creations by showing you who viewed it, where from they viewed and what they did as a result. The detailed report helps you understand how well your creation is performing and also help you to do demographical marketing.

Experience effective monitoring of every shared links and understand how well your creations are performing globally.

presentation tracking

Go Mobile

Take CorpGenie with you, wherever you go. Share your creations with anyone at anytime, anywhere. CorpGenie helps you go completely mobile. HTML5 presentations can be shared and viewed on any HTML5 compliant devices and Flash based creations can be accessed from any flash supported devices when you are on your seat or on move.

presentation in mobile devices
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